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"Journalist, writer, educator, researcher, trailblazer, entrepreneur, cultural ambassador, he is one of the most recognised and best known canoe personalties"

The World Paddle Awards Academy

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - A Paddlers Guide 510pp
Outrigger Canoeing - A Paddlers Guide to The Ancient Sport of Kings 465pp
Outrigger Canoeing - The Art and Skill of Steering 168pp
Outrigger Canoeing - OC1 Book - A Paddlers Guide 306pp
Outrigger Canoeing - V1 Va'a Hoe - A Paddlers Guide 292pp

'When one of our coaches and paddlers asked coach Gerard from Shell Va'a where he got his, 'Theory and Technique Concepts' from, he replied, "I read all the books - Steve West books and whatever books I can get a hold of". You inspire us all and give words where there were none or little. Thank you so much. Your hard work is greatly appreciated world-wide from the big to the little fishes.'
Dani Gay - Lanikai CC Coach

'If you’re into, or not into, stand up paddling, but want to be educated where it comes from and what it stands for, read this book by Steve West. The more I read, the more I respect the real paddlers of the world!'
Luke Egan - Australian Surfing Legend.

'When you stay at a hotel for a stand up paddle race and open the drawer, this should be next to the Gideon's Bible. It is the must-have book for anyone who paddles SUPs!'.
Distressed Mullet.com

'Be inspired by Stand Up Paddling – A Paddler’s Guide and join us as we ride the oceans of the world together'.
Travis Grant 2013 Moloka'i Champion

'I love the book. It's a brilliant piece of work, it's like a Lonely Planet Guide Book for Stand Up Paddling! I'm extremely impressed with how much research and time has been put into creating this book and I sincerely hope every stand up paddle fan out there goes and grabs a copy!'
Chris Parker SUPracer.com

Steve West - WPA Winner for Media 2014, WPA Member

Steve West - WPA Winner for Media 2014, WPA Member

Steve West should be regarded as one of the best practitioners of the sport, supporter of the culture, chronicler of current races, canoes, trends and so on. His analysis of technique, canoe development, racing history and other aspects of our life, is way more thourough than most. He has a deep and true appreciation for the true feeling and spirit of outrigger canoeing. The photos are the best. I cannot recommend his books too highly enough!
— Kailua Paddler Hawaii
Writing, researching, coaching, mentoring and training instructors whilst maintaining my own commitment to being on the water as much as possible, go hand in hand. None are mutually exclusive as part of a dedicated lifestyle approach to my work which requires constant learning.

Writing Career

1980 - 1987 Freelance Journalist for UK, Australian and USA Based Windsurfing Magazines, 1995-2005 10 Books produced - Kanu Culture – Outrigger Canoeing International Handbooks, 2003 Produced Level One Coaching Manual AOCRA Ratified by Australian Sports Commission, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Canoeing 2005-2007 Produced Kanu Culture Ocean Sports Magazine with Sydney based Publisher 2006 Released, The Art and Skill of Steering - Outrigger Canoeing Book 2007 Released, A Paddler’s Guide to Outrigger Canoeing Book 2010 Commissioned to write Adventure Activities Licensing Authority UK SUP Good Practice Guide 2011  Commissioned to write Level Two Academy of Surfing (ASI) Australia SUP Exposed Waters Course Content 2011 Commissioned to write ASI SUP Water Rescue Course Content 2012 Released, Stand Up Paddle - A Paddlers Guide Book 2012 Commissioned to write Level Three ASI SUP Downwind Course Content 2013 Co-founder of the Water Skills Academy UK 2014 Released OC1 - A Paddlers Guide Book and Released V1 - A Paddler Guide Book, Winner of World Paddler Awards for Media 2015 Admitted into the World Paddle Academy.

Steve West is one of the world's foremost ocean sports writers, educators and ocean sports athletes, a career spanned across some 40 years, as a professional windsurfer during some of its foremost pioneering days, some 20 years involvement with the sport of outrigger canoeing throughout the Pacific, as a writer, researcher and competitor and for the past 10 years a full time involvement with stand up paddle boarding. Living for 26 years on Australia's QueenslandSunshine Coast, world famous for its ocean sports and sports men and women, Steve has been fortunate enough to live amongst some of the world's most accomplished ocean sports paddlers and surfers. He has been a team member (outrigger canoeing) with such names as Grant Kenny,  Australia's most famous Iron Man and multiple Molokai to Oahu surf ski winner, Jamie Mitchell, the world's best ever paddle board champion, Travis Grant, Chris Maynard and many other worldclass ocean athletes. Together with wife Mandy, Steve continues to write for a variety of sources including mistral.com along with design and procurement of water sports equipment and as a mentor and advisory to the water sports industry.




Since  1994 he has devoted his time to the development of Outrigger Canoeing  throughout the Pacific. Ten books later, he is considered a world  leading authority on the subject, writing the worlds first outrigger  canoeing coaching manual and was Australia’s National Coaching Director  for five years and Fiji's National Coaching Consultant to the South  Pacific Games Squad for 6 years. He has twice won the world championship  Masters division of the prestigious 66km Molokai to Oahu, Molokai Hoe  race and the Hamilton Cup International event on numerous occassions and remains a record holder in the 16km and 500m team events. His focus now is on the development of Stand Up Paddlingboarding in the UK and Europe, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge of open ocean canoe sports.

He is a former RYA and IWS senior instructor and UKBSA open water examiner. As one of the UKs pioneering windsurfing professionals during the late 70s early 80s, he worked extensively in the promotion of windsurfing demonstrating at London, Brighton, Southampton boat shows, water sports events, appearing on TV and radio, contributing regularly to magazines, technical articles, equipment testing and reviews and was a member of the British Boardsailing Display Team.

Steve is a fantastic writer and photographer and has been an extension of the KIALOA family for many, many years. Actively involved in SUP and Outrigger Canoeing, we welcome him as an ambassador for KIALOA.
— Meg Chun. Kialoa Bend Oregon USA

Finishing as Britain's 2nd highest place getter at the Bacardi World Cup in 1981 in the Freestyle event and highest finisher in the Ins and Outs event, Steve's preference was for wave sailing without rules. Traveling to Lefkas island in Greece in the early 80s he provided a feasibility study to create what is now one of the largest windsurfing holiday centres in the world, Club Vassiliki. He moved to Australia in 1983 to further pursue his windsurfing career working for magazines, sail makers and event organizers. In 1983 he was the Australian National Freestyle Champion.

Rarely have I seen a sports publication that delivers this kind of quality and value. For those of us just getting started with paddling, your volumes are a gift from the Gods.
— Mike Berwind - Maui

He has raced and paddled in some of the world's toughest outrigger canoe events and has worked extensively with Tahiti Tourism, Fiji Visitors Bureau and the Travel Associations of Palau, Guam and Saipan and with Australia's Hamilton Island Resort Management over 14 years in the development and promotion of their International Outrigger Canoeing event.

Other Achievements

British Windsurfing Display Team Member
UK Board Sailing Open Sea Examiner
Royal Yachting Association Senior Instructor
International Windsurfing Schools Instructor
First windsurfer to sail on the River Nile.
Co-Founder of the UKs Around Hayling Island Race
Level 1 Coaching Principles (Aust)
Level 2 Coaching Principles (Aust)
Level 1 Outrigger Canoeing Coach (Aust)
Elements of Shipboard Safety (Coxswains)
Co National Coaching Director (Aust) with C. Maynard (5yrs)
Co National Coaching Director(Fiji) with C. Philp (6yrs)
Founder of AOCRA Coaching / Author of Manuals
Founded Kanu Culture 1994
Author of 12 Books on the subject of Outrigger Canoeing
Founding member and Vice President Mooloolaba OCC 1990
Former Vice President Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association
Former Secretary Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association.
Team New Zealand Crew 1998 New Caledonia
Former International Polynesian Canoe Federation Delegate.
2009 AALS (UK) Authored the Good Practice Guide for SUP
2010 Team Starboard Racing Team UK (SUP)
2011 Academy of Surfing UK SUP Trainer and Director
2014 Winner of World Paddle Award for Media
2015 Admitted into World Paddle Academy

Has raced in these events either once, twice or on multiple occasions. 

Hawaiki Nui Va`a (French Polynesia, Huahine, Raitea, Taha, Bora Bora) x 5
Newport to Catalina (California) x 2, 2nd)
Molokai Hoe (Molokai to Oahu - Hawaii. Master Mens Winner '97 and '98)
Hamilton Cup (Hamilton Island Australia x 15 medals, 10 gold)
Gold Coast Cup (Gold Coast Australia x 7 medals 5 gold)
Marlin Coast OC1 Challenge (Cairns to Port Douglas 35km Winner with C. Maynard)
Micronesian Cup (Saipan and Palau)
Bay of Islands (New Zealand - Winner)
Hauraki Hoe (80km change race - Auckland New Zealand x 2 - runner up on both occasions)
Ouvea to Poindimie (130km Change Race - New Caledonia with Team New Zealand)
Fiji International (Fiji x 3 times)
Giglio Cup (Italy)


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