Outrigger Canoeing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding Books

Steve West - Winner of the World Paddle Award - Media Category 2014


"Journalist, writer, educator, researcher, trailblazer, entrepreneur, cultural ambassador, he is one of the most recognised and best known canoe personalties"

The World Paddle Awards Academy

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - A Paddlers Guide 510pp
Outrigger Canoeing - A Paddlers Guide to The Ancient Sport of Kings 465pp
Outrigger Canoeing - The Art and Skill of Steering 168pp
Outrigger Canoeing - OC1 Book - A Paddlers Guide 306pp
Outrigger Canoeing - V1 Va'a Hoe - A Paddlers Guide 292pp

'When one of our coaches and paddlers asked coach Gerard from Shell Va'a where he got his, 'Theory and Technique Concepts' from, he replied, "I read all the books - Steve West books and whatever books I can get a hold of". You inspire us all and give words where there were none or little. Thank you so much. Your hard work is greatly appreciated world-wide from the big to the little fishes.'
Dani Gay - Lanikai CC Coach

'If you’re into, or not into, stand up paddling, but want to be educated where it comes from and what it stands for, read this book by Steve West. The more I read, the more I respect the real paddlers of the world!'
Luke Egan - Australian Surfing Legend.

'When you stay at a hotel for a stand up paddle race and open the drawer, this should be next to the Gideon's Bible. It is the must-have book for anyone who paddles SUPs!'.
Distressed Mullet.com

'Be inspired by Stand Up Paddling – A Paddler’s Guide and join us as we ride the oceans of the world together'.
Travis Grant 2013 Moloka'i Champion

'I love the book. It's a brilliant piece of work, it's like a Lonely Planet Guide Book for Stand Up Paddling! I'm extremely impressed with how much research and time has been put into creating this book and I sincerely hope every stand up paddle fan out there goes and grabs a copy!'
Chris Parker SUPracer.com

During 2013 when spending time in Fiji, an idea was formed to create a training organisation which encompassed a wide variety of oceans sports and related activities with its Head Office based in Cornwall, England.

Steve and Mandy West, Chris Rea and Ben Longhurst had close associations through a love of coaching and training. Steve had been the CEO for the Academy of Surfing Instructors (ASI) and had appointed both Chris and Ben as Trainers in the field of SUP.  With Steve and Mandy's departure from the ASI, both Chris and Ben wanted to continue, but had concerns regarding issues of philosophy with the ASI, which meant a new organisation should be formed.

On Steve and Mandy's return from Fiji a meeting was held between the 4 founding members and the foundations were set for the creation of such an organisation.

Mandy West became a Director and Steve acted as a Consultant in the early stages and the name Water Skills Academy was born (on a road trip to Jersey) where Steve was running a SUP workshop. Much of the content for the WSA SUP Instructor Courses, was created and inspired through Steve's input and past work in the field of coaching and writing.

Since then, Mandy surrendered her Directorship but Steve remains on as a Consultant.

"I cannot recommend the WSA highly enough. My decision to remain impartial from the day to day running of the WSA was quite deliberate as I felt I could do more good in mentoring and in being a casual observer. Chris and Ben are two of nicest, most intelligent, knowledgeable and considerate guys you could ever meet and there standards are impeccable. On top of this, Chris runs one of England's busiest water sports schools in Cornwall (Harlyn Surf School) and is vastly experienced, while Ben is Manager of the Cardiff International White Water Centre in Wales."

Today the WSA Provides Instructor Training, Mentoring and Courses for:
Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Sit on Top Kayak Leader
Surf Lifesaving (GB)
Surf Coach Safety and Rescue
Overseas SUP Adventures

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