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"Journalist, writer, educator, researcher, trailblazer, entrepreneur, cultural ambassador, he is one of the most recognised and best known canoe personalties"

The World Paddle Awards Academy

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - A Paddlers Guide 510pp
Outrigger Canoeing - A Paddlers Guide to The Ancient Sport of Kings 465pp
Outrigger Canoeing - The Art and Skill of Steering 168pp
Outrigger Canoeing - OC1 Book - A Paddlers Guide 306pp
Outrigger Canoeing - V1 Va'a Hoe - A Paddlers Guide 292pp

'When one of our coaches and paddlers asked coach Gerard from Shell Va'a where he got his, 'Theory and Technique Concepts' from, he replied, "I read all the books - Steve West books and whatever books I can get a hold of". You inspire us all and give words where there were none or little. Thank you so much. Your hard work is greatly appreciated world-wide from the big to the little fishes.'
Dani Gay - Lanikai CC Coach

'If you’re into, or not into, stand up paddling, but want to be educated where it comes from and what it stands for, read this book by Steve West. The more I read, the more I respect the real paddlers of the world!'
Luke Egan - Australian Surfing Legend.

'When you stay at a hotel for a stand up paddle race and open the drawer, this should be next to the Gideon's Bible. It is the must-have book for anyone who paddles SUPs!'.
Distressed Mullet.com

'Be inspired by Stand Up Paddling – A Paddler’s Guide and join us as we ride the oceans of the world together'.
Travis Grant 2013 Moloka'i Champion

'I love the book. It's a brilliant piece of work, it's like a Lonely Planet Guide Book for Stand Up Paddling! I'm extremely impressed with how much research and time has been put into creating this book and I sincerely hope every stand up paddle fan out there goes and grabs a copy!'
Chris Parker SUPracer.com

178 pages - Oceania's Canoe Legacy, Peoples of the Canoe, Hawaii, Australia's Outrigger Canoe Heritage, The Outrigger Canoe, Handling Customs, Cordage for Lashing, Single Outrigger Canoes, Aussie Outrigger OC1, The Paddle, Timber Man Marty Strekker, A Question of Tradition, The Paddling Stroke, Sports Chiropractic, Righting an Outrigger Canoe, Towing an Outrigger Canoe, 1994 Hamilton Cup, World Masters Games, Queen Liliuokalani Race, Molokai, Hawaiian Sailing Canoes, Western Samoa.

208 pages - Walter Guild Canoe Sports Hawaii, Solo OC1 Explosion, OC1 Racing in New Zealand, Ama Design and Evolution, The Zen of Steering, Tiot Canoe Ceremony, Koa Wa`a Culture and Ritual, Aeteoroa Land of the Long White Cloud, Canoe Surfing New Zealand, Hawaiian and Maori Terminology, Postcard from Guam, Paddling Fluid and Nutrition, Hydration Systems, Brief Encounters, International Race Results, Hamilton Cup, Queen Liliuokalani Race, Catalina California, Moloka`i Races.

209 pages - Offshore California's Womens Crew, Outrigger Canoeing in England, Outrigger Canoeing Returns to Rapa Nui, Micronesia, Canada, Cook Islands, Olympic Status for Outrigger Canoeing, Outrigger on the Internet, Adrift at Sea and Story of the Catalina Race by Al Ching, Paddling Technique, Rigging, 1996 Hamilton Cup, 1996 Catalina Cup Race by Al Ching, 1996 Queen Lili'uokalani Race, 1996 Bankoh Na Wahine O Ke Kai and Bankoh Molokai Hoe, Super Aito Va'a Hoe Race Tahiti

212 pages - Wood / Hybrid Paddles Versus Carbon, Outrigger Canoeing for the Physically Disabled, James Wharram Sailing Canoes, Canoe Sailing Hawaii, Evolution of the Hawaiian Canoe by Herb Kane, Torres Straits Island, Stroke The Art of Being in Seat 1, Tahiti Rame Paddles, Calling the Huts, Ouvéa to Poindimié New Caledonia, Hamilton Cup and the Hawaiian Masters, Hawaiki Nui Va`a, Hamilton Island Cup, Statue of Liberty Race New York, Island Paddler, Snaplashes for Rigging, Rigging a DC12, Moloka`i and Na Wahine O Ke Kai,

212 pages - Paddling Thoughts with Al Ching, Change Overs, OC1 Techniques, OC1 Development, Dealing with Paddling Attitudes, Western Samoa, Tahiti Hoe, Short Stories with Al Ching, Outrigger Canoe Fishing with Colin Perry, Evolution of Canoe Paddles with Brad Gillespie, Aloha and Hoale by Kawika Sands, Kialoa Paddles Evolution with Dave Chun, Birth of an OC1, Voyaging Canoe Mo'okiha O Piilani, Coaching, 1997 Hamilton Cup, Na Wahine O Ke Kai, Molokai Hoe, Hawaiki Nui Va`a, Southern Spirit OC6.

210 pages - Koa Canoes and Restoration, Howe Sound Outrigger Race British Columbia, Italian Style, Fijians Paddle Moloka`i for the First Time, Evolution of the Hawaiian Fibreglass Racing Canoe, Fiji Museum, Captain Cook Museum Aotearoa, Shoulder Injuries, Hamilton Cup 1999, Liberty Challenge New York 1999, Canoe Ladders of Rapa Nui, Mata Hoe Vaka in Rapa Nui, Pain Management Psychology of Paddling, Bread Fruit Tree Cutting Ceremony Huahine, Tatoo, Pumping Iron to Pull Paddle, Longer Shafts Smaller Blades by Brad Gillespie, Watch the Ama, Flipping and Pointing the Finger, What Paddles do at Night by Al Ching, The Joy of Paddling for the 'Dis' Abled, Bailing Essentials, Hawaikin Nui Va'a 1999, Ladies Vahine Hawaiki Nui Va'a, Ouvéa to Poindimié New Caledonia, The Great Sand Dune Safari Race WA Australia.

148 pages - Kanu Culture, Va`a Hoe or OC1, Moloka`i Assault and How to Plan It, Hawaii Island Paddler Sports, Micronesia, Saipan, Joss Descoteaux, Energy Alignment in a Paddling Body, Time in the Support Boat Made Good, Super Aito, Straight or Single Bend Paddles, OC1 Racing California Style, Hawaiki Nui Va`a, Na Wahine O Ke Kai, Moloka`i Hoe, Hamilton Cup, Lake Tahoe, Oregon's First Coastal OCC, Crew Selection, Canoe Blessing Ceremony, Eco Va`a 2000, International Va`a Association, Risk Management in Outrigger Canoeing, Equipment Checking of Canoes and Rigging, Safety Items, Club Site Safety.

148 pages - In Celebration of Canoes, Stroke Correction of the Forward Stroke, The Art and Skill of Steering, Ouvéa to Poindimie Race, English Channel Crossing, Hamilton Cup, Heremoana Va`a Race Tahiti, Composite Paddles the Next Generation, Soul Paddling, MIrage OC6, IVF World Sprints Bora Bora, Hawaiian CC in Bora Bora, Tahitian Trophies, Youth Coaching, Na Wahine O Ke Kai, Moloka`i Hoe.

148 pages - The Hamilton Cup, The First 25 years, The Marquesas Islands, Maui / Jaws meets OC1 for the First Time, Traditional Technophobia, The Mirage OC6, Chris Maynard and Aussie Icon, Makaha Canoe Surfing, Vakauhi, Aotearoa Nationals, Holopuni Tahiti with Nick Beck, Hong Kong, South America, Seat Duties, Leg Leashes for OC1, Outrigger Canoeing in Europe.

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